Mandate of ICT- PEIRA Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Authority is working since 2006 to regulate, certify and register PEIs in ICT for the purpose of ensuring quality, transparency and discipline. ICT- PEIRA’s mandate includes determination, maintenance and improvement of educational standards in private sector. In pursuance of Section 5 of Islamabad Capital Territory Private Educational Institutions (Registration and Regulation) Act 2013, all private sector educational institutions imparting education up to higher secondary level or equivalent are required by law to get themselves registered with PEIRA. Objectives: Through execution of its functions enunciated in its Act, PEIRA regulates, register and ensure minimum quality standards in private educational institutions (up to higher secondary level or equivalent) to; Inspire lifelong learning among students, Advance knowledge, and Strengthen community Powers & Functions: As enunciated in Section 5 of the Islamabad Capital Territory Private Educational Institutions (Registration and Regulation) Act, 2013, the Authority has following powers and functions:- To regulate, determine and administer all matters and do all such acts and things as are necessary for achieving of aims & objectives of Regulatory Authority; To register, regulate and promote PEIs in ICT; To cause inspections to be made by such persons as the Regulatory Authority may nominate of institutions applying for registration or of registered institutions; To withdraw registration if it is satisfied after inspection that the management and instructions in an institutions are not of prescribed standard and are in violation of the provision of the Ordinance of Regulatory Authority; To check qualifications of teaching staff and their terms and conditions of service; To fix, demand & receive such fees for registration & inspection of institution as may be prescribed; To adopt measures to promote physical and moral well being of students including sports facilities; To see that services & quality of education being provided is commensurate with fees being charged; To ensure that building of the institution is adequate aril its structure sound to house the students; To arrange for annual audit of the accounts of Regulatory Authority; To execute any other important matter concerning its functions as may be incidental or conducive to the exercise of powers and performance of functions; and To make rules, policy and to execute the same after approval from the Federal Government. website of PEIRA
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